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Recently I have not posted on BMXPower as I’ve been busy elsewhere. Busy working, busy with the small person, busy setting up a new bike company, busy being ill.. Continue reading Where Have I Been


Bottom Brackets

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Bottom brackets are a boring but really important part of your bike. They can also be infuriating to the point where by murder seems less of  a crime, especially if said person was the guy who invented BB30.

This is just a quick run down on the various systems and will hopefully explain why we went threaded.











So far at the minute we’ll ignore BBright and BB386 Evo, as one is propriety to a road brand and the other is not seen on BMX.

So the threaded bottom bracket. This is a threaded shell and is usually found in 68mm or 73mm shell length. In BMX we tend to use the 68mm version but the main difference between that and 73 is the amount of spacers you would need. The next main difference in bearings is are they for…

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The Manual

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Where ever you go you will see riders trying to manual, looking for that all elusive flow that will take you to the next step of riding. We all want flow but not all of us seem to get it, we all know that feeling of watching someone manual forever and just being jealous. I always remember when F-it came out and Robbie Morales showed complete domination of the manual. What is worth watching Robbie is that he shows it is all in the hips, not in speed and being clipped in (which is fundamentally cheating). Watch the video below, popped the whole video in as Aitken’s section is also a treat in how to ride with flow. Robbie is up first, please be aware this is from a time when peg chinks and mid-west emo/punk were king in BMX videos.

The main thing to remember with manuals is that…

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Poetry Bikes


There was originally a set raison d’etre for this company. I had a single aim of designing the best cross purpose BMX frame I could. That is still being worked on and the prototype is being built by FBM Bikes. This came from playing about on loads for the BMX Power blog I did, many just didn’t live up to the hype.  Hopefully through time we will teach people that just saying “it’s only BMX” is not a valid excuse for bad manufacturing.

The business model here is not to make money (not saying that wont be nice), it is to increase participation in things I love. To this end we’ll be doing limited runs of product that gets our hearts and minds racing.

12744550_503493676524554_124710756067204805_n Welds

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Don’t Anger Crom.

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“No one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts. This (steel) you can trust.” – Conan’s dad, why would you disagree and anger Crom?

Steel is an alloy, comprised mainly of iron and by remembering it is an alloy you can be a pedant and point out that aluminium  frames should be called aluminium frames and not alloy frames as that means steel frames as well. There are various different types of steel, made by adding different metals, they are all still around 95% iron though. The two you probably come across in the BMX world are 4130 and 1020. 1020 Is a basic carbon steel and is used mainly for low end bikes, as it isn’t as strong as 4130 or as light as 4130 steel either, it is however cheaper as it has less alloying ingredients than in 4130 chromoly (chrome molybdenum) steel…

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