staats bloodline cruiser at bmx race track

Bearsden Pump Track and Other Things

Today I took the Staats Bloodline cruiser out to a few places. The good old Titans track at Clydebank and then onto the Bearsden pump track. Continue reading “Bearsden Pump Track and Other Things”


The Manual

Poetry Bikes

Where ever you go you will see riders trying to manual, looking for that all elusive flow that will take you to the next step of riding. We all want flow but not all of us seem to get it, we all know that feeling of watching someone manual forever and just being jealous. I always remember when F-it came out and Robbie Morales showed complete domination of the manual. What is worth watching Robbie is that he shows it is all in the hips, not in speed and being clipped in (which is fundamentally cheating). Watch the video below, popped the whole video in as Aitken’s section is also a treat in how to ride with flow. Robbie is up first, please be aware this is from a time when peg chinks and mid-west emo/punk were king in BMX videos.

The main thing to remember with manuals is that…

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